Adept Export Tablet Tools - Punches, Dies
Tool Storage Box

The 'Tool Storage Box' is a safe and simple storing system for Punch & Dies. These are made of poly-propylene to prevent damage during storage. The boxes can be stacked for optimised floor space utilisation.

The 'Tool Storage Box' is available for 'D', 'B' and 'BB' tooling.

Key Advantages

  • Safe and easy handling due to inbuilt recessed handles
  • The box along with tooling can be taken to tablet press
  • Prevents damage while storage and transportation
  • Punches do not collide amongst themselves
  • Special head support to ease punch removal
  • Serial number on each pocket for easy identification
  • Space to write product details
  • Minimum floor space required due to stackable design
  • Nesting design for storing empty boxes
  • Easy to clean
  • Technical Details:

    Capacity D Tooling: 24 Sets (48 Punches + 24 Dies)
    B/BB Tooling: 36 Sets (72 Punches + 36 Dies)
    Outside Dimensions 47 x 28 x 19 cms (L x B x H)
    Empty Weight 3.25 kgs