Adept Export Tablet Tools - Punches, Dies

The Adept Mega Press has been designed keeping in mind Adept’s philosophy of providing simple and efficient solution. The machine not only gives a higher output but also guarantees minimum breakdown and maintenance.

Key Advantages:
ADEPT Mega Press

  • The machine has centre drive, with no gear on the turret.
  • The machine is designed for 10 tons Pre-Compression pressure.
  • All eight Compression rollers are identical and interchangeable.
  • The rollers do not require continuous lubrication.
  • Front control for all external control mechanisms.
  • Multi chamber food grade gravity feeder.
  • Upper punches completely covered to avoid powder settlement.
  • Common hopper for Rotary and Gravity feeder.
  • Bottom driven Rotary Feeder.
  • Control knobs fitted with Seiko dials for fine control.
  • Separate Control Panel. Not attached to the press.
  • PLC based control.
  • Optional – Bi layer tablets.
  • Technical Details:
    Model Stations Round Tablet
    (Max Dia.)
    (Max Length)
    Max Pressure Punch Type Die Type Tablet Output
    (Per Hour)
    40 rpm
    AM D-D-45 45 25 25 10 D D 216,000
    AM B-B-61 61 18.5 19 6.5 B B 292,000
    AM B-BB-75 75 13 16 6.5 B BB 360,000