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Polishing Kit for Tablet Compression Tool

Since every punch tip is very precise and accurate, slight wear & tear can result in production of dull or collared tablet. And hence, polishing of punch cavity is an important exercise to ensure reliability of the tooling process. Our punch cavity polishing kit helps you in acquiring the original cavity finish of your punches.

Out kit contains different types of brushes for different cavities & different types of pastes for varied application.

Since polishing is done to revive the original cavity finish, extreme care should be taken while doing it. One should avoid excessive or wrong polishing. The four most common errors while punch cavity polishing are:

  • 'Rounding' of the outside diameter of the tip
  • 'Rounding' of the edges of the tip face
  • 'Distortion' of embossed details
  • 'Distortion' of the tip face