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59 Station Tablet Press

The Adept 59 Station Machine is one of our many developments. It was designed in the 1997. The sole purpose of this kind of tablet press was to find an alternative tooling for small size tablets produced in large volumes. Adept was looking for a solution that is cost effective and gives higher output. Hence 'A' tooling was designed. The Adept 59 Press was designed to accommodate 59 stations of 'A' tooling in the same size as a 35stn B tooling press thereby increasing production by more than 65%. It gives an output of up to 200,000 tablets per hour. The 'A' tooling has the body diameter of 12.7mm and can make up to 10mm tablets. The maximum permissible load is the same as 'B' tooling i.e. 6.5tons (65KN).

This machine is a very cost effective and simple solution for smaller tablets with high volume requirement. It is also a very good alternative for Multi tip toolings that run into higher expense and maintenance.

'A' type Tablet Compression Tool

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