Adept Export Tablet Tools - Punches, Dies
Sided Tabletting Machine - GMP Model

Our Double Rotary Press is available in both Open and GMP model. Currently more than 300 of our machines are producing tablets across the globe. Some of the key features of the Double Rotary press are:

  • Drive shaft made of alloy steel to ensure longer working life.
  • Turret Ring is detachable from the turret and thereby reducing replacement cost.
  • Discharge chute and feed frame are independent of turret guards, thereby reducing cost of maintenance and also eases setting the feed frame.
  • Double V-belts to increase life of belts
  • Double Sided Tabletting Machine - Open Model

    Our open model is simple and basic but performs better than most competition. It has all the same features of the GMP model except for Front Control, AC Drive & Timer Controlled Automatic Lubrication. However we do provide Timer Controlled Automatic Lubrication at extra cost

    Both the models can be provided with De-dusters and Dust Collection Unit.

    Download Specification Table