Adept Export Tablet Tools - Punches, Dies
Punches & Dies

We adhere to international quality norms like IPT / Euro Standards for Punches & Dies. Apart from standard ‘B’ / ‘D’ tooling we also manufacture tooling for Stokes, Killian, Hata, Korsch and other special machines.

Usually, we use premium grade AISI O1 & D3 grade of alloy steel for our tooling. For typical formulations, specialized tooling like Hard Chrome plated punches, Stainless Steel punches, Teflon punches and Carbide dies can also be provided.

To aid our customers in Tablet Designing we have developed special software that helps design a tablet according to weight, shape and embossing requirement. This software takes care of finer points relating to tooling life and Sticking/Picking problems. We can also create a plastic ‘Proto-Tab’ of the tablet to help arrive at a final design during the conceptual stage itself.

Tablet Designing Software - TabCAD and Proto-Tab made of Plastic

Standard Features
Conformance to International Standards: IPT & Euro
Provision of Dust Cup
Addition key-way in shaped punches

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